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Best 5 Love Story


Romeo-Juliet Painful Love Story


The love story named Romeo and Juliet is based on a true love story in history. The author of this love story was written by the famous writer William Shakespeare between 1591 and 1595. After some time, this love story started being published in book form in 1597.

At that time, the quality of the words in the story told in the books was not very good. Due to this a lot of changes were made to improve its story writing quality. Other writers took time to make the love story of Romeo and Juliet even better. Many changes were made at the time.

Romeo and Juliet’s love story begins with an Italian party where Romeo meets Juliet. During this party, both of them fall in love with each other but there was a deep enmity between their families which Romeo and Juliet knew very well and he also had the feeling that they would not allow them to get married.

Due to this enmity, Romeo and Juliet got married secretly without telling anyone. When Juliet’s brother came to know about this, he started beating Romeo. During this incident, a fight started between the two, and Romeo accidentally killed Juliet’s brother. Murdered. After this, Romeo left that city and ran away.

But Juliet could not live without Romeo. Juliet prepares a plan to run away with Romeo in which she pretends to die. Romeo had no idea of this plan. When Juliet took a sleeping potion and was about to die. Romeo comes to know about this.

Romeo accepts the fact that Juliet committed suicide by taking a sleeping pill. Thinking that Juliet is really dead, Romeo himself commits suicide by drinking poison. When Juliet regains consciousness, she finds Romeo dead. Found in. Juliet committed suicide due to grief after seeing Romeo dead.

This love story shows how much Romeo and Juliet loved each other. Both of them commit suicide to get their love back.


Your Memories In Dew Drops


When I was studying in the 11th class, I used to go to school every day, but I did not socialize much with my school friends. At that time, a girl was studying in the 9th class of my school. She used to go to my class every day. She used to come on some pretext or the other. Sometimes she used to come to get her copy checked, sometimes she used to come with a book in her hand on the pretext of asking something from the teacher. Whenever she used to come, she used to look at me with a slight smile.

She did this several times, so I started paying attention to her. The next time she came to my classroom, she stood in front of me and started smiling softly. She said to me, ‘Do you have the notes for the 9th class?

Can you give me these notes? That day was our first meeting and after that, I started liking her.

After the next two or three meetings, I fell in love with her. The day we used to talk to her in school, she would even come into my dreams that night. Such an incident has happened to me many times. About a month later, she sent me a letter in which it was written ‘I love you’. Komal. After this, I also wrote a letter to her in return which was my first love letter.

After that, we both used to go to school together in the early morning amidst dense fog and kept talking all the way. After reaching school, he used to play with the dew drops shining on the flowers in the garden.

This story shows how two strangers fall in love in an unknown way and how far this love goes.


Love Gave The Purpose Of Life


When I was studying in 7th class, there was a beautiful girl in my class with whom I fell in love. Seeing her, I came to know the real goal of my life. At that time I was very weak in my class studies and at the same time she used to get very good marks. Then I got a great idea to impress her. Then I decided that in the upcoming exam, I would also get good marks. From that day onwards I concentrated completely on my studies and worked hard with all my might. Started studying from.

I passed with a good mark and got the first rank. All my friends and teachers were completely surprised and happy with my success. After passing the class with good marks, I was made the class monitor. After this, I went to my school. I became famous and one day the girl asked me for a copy and was quite impressed after seeing my handwriting.

That day I spoke to her for the first time. The next day she arrived 30 minutes before school time and started talking to me a lot and gradually we both became friends.

Many years have passed but I still haven’t been able to propose to her. One day I came to know that she belonged to a rich family and came from a good family, so I postponed the decision to propose to her.

I decided that day that I would first make my status equal to that of his family and only then think of giving him a purpose.

So I left my village and came to Lucknow and got fully engaged in the preparation for NDA. Now the aim of my life is to pass this exam with good marks and then get the love of my life. She gave me the hope of my life. Gave the target.

In this way, this love of mine contributed to me determining my goal.


We Had To Meet


You may find this love story of mine a bit filmy. I had never seen him nor had I ever dreamed of going abroad. I just wanted to study further but my parents wanted me to get married. One day in anger I said if you are so upset with me then you should marry me.

But I have a condition that you leave India and go to some other country so that I can never meet you guys. As soon as I said yes, the next day an aunt came to our house with a relationship, and that too from abroad. I said yes in anger without the boy knowing. Moreover, I did not even think it right to look at the photo.

When the parents took the matter further, they came to know that the boy was a doctor who lives in Holland. Next week, a call came from the boy’s parents. I was very afraid that the boy was completely different from the doctor and me. I said There was no match between the doctor of journalism and the doctor of the mind. Despite all this, I said yes without even seeing him. I had no idea whether he would be black or white or lame, yet I said yes. Had done it.

I thought that now that I have put my head in the mortar, why be afraid of the pestles? One day I talked to the boy’s mother on the phone and then talked to the boy. When he said hello to me on the phone for the first time, in the same way he said to me. Subjugated within myself.

I didn’t even listen to what she said next, as soon as I heard her voice, the fear in my mind completely vanished and I fell in love with her from that very moment. Then after that, we both kept talking on the phone for six months but till now there has been no meeting between us.

In the month of May, he came to India with his brother, and our engagement date was fixed. A day before the engagement, I saw him but due to shyness and hesitation, I could not even say anything. It seemed as if he understood what I was thinking. Was.

After that, he first talked to my brother and then to me.

That one phone conversation started our love affair that continues today even after ten years of our marriage.

Today we have two lovely daughters who understand without saying anything. Both of our birthdays are on the same day. That’s why till now we believe that perhaps God has created us to live together even after being born in two different countries.

What I used to say about going away from my parents has also become true today and now I am able to meet my parents only occasionally, but I have got so much love from my husband and in-laws that I never miss them there.


Mom And Dad, Please Agree


I work in a private company. I saw a girl’s profile on Facebook a year ago in which her mobile number was written. I called her and told her to hide her mobile number otherwise boys will harass you by calling you. Will do. She was new on Facebook. She got nervous after hearing this and asked her friend to hide her number.

Her friend hid her number and from then on our love story started. We used to talk till 12 or 1 am in the night. She always insisted me to study. I started liking this habit of hers. Was.

Last Valentine’s Day, I asked one of her classmates whether she would refuse to propose to a girl, then she said no, she would not refuse to propose to me.

After what she said, I gathered courage and proposed to her. After that, she even stopped replying. One day I felt that she got angry with me, so I told her that I had said it jokingly that day.

Why did you become serious?

So his reply was that I was happy but you should not have made such a joke. You should have said this in truth. I said no, I have told the truth. I have really started loving you.

She started laughing and making fun of what I said. Again we both started talking a lot. After that when I went to my village, I felt very bad. I went to the village and told her that I feel very bad here. It seems.

I felt like crying. Due to this cry, my luck opened up. From then on, she started loving me.

She pressured me to come to Delhi as soon as possible. Due to her request, I immediately came to Delhi. When we met each other after 8 months, I was feeling very shy. Gradually, if she understood me better, I would have told her I used to understand. Now we have met many times. Now I don’t even feel shy.

I had started loving her very much. But here came the biggest problem. We both belong to different castes. Her parents are not at all ready for inter-caste marriage but I was adamant to get her at any cost. I was adamant.

She also did not want to hurt her parents. If she told anything to anyone in her house, there would be an uproar in the house. Because of this fear, she has not told this thing in her house. I will inform her through you. I want to explain to the parents that they should not believe in conservative things like a caste system. Please understand our feelings. We want to live life with your blessings.


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