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In a village, there lived a boy named Nandu, who served his parents wholeheartedly and obeyed everything they said. Nandu studied diligently and was always ready to help everyone. Everyone in the village loved him very much.

Nandu’s father used to sell vegetables all day long and his mother used to take care of the house. He had a younger sister, whom he loved very much. House and education expenses were covered by the father’s earnings.

Before going to school, Nandu used to wash all the vegetables and arrange them on the cart in the morning, which helped his father. One day his father got drenched in the rain and fell ill. Then one day he died suddenly.
The entire family was shaken by this accident. Everyone in the house became dependent on money. Nandu’s mother’s health also started deteriorating. Nandu was unable to understand how to help the family. Nandu wanted to sell a cart, but he was only 8 years old. He could not handle this work at such a young age.

Nandu had heard stories of Ramayana, and Mahabharata as well as divine miracles from his mother. The thought came to his mind that God helps everyone, and he will definitely help him too. Thinking this, he reached the temple early one day.

He went there folded his hands and said – God, I am a small child. I don’t know how to worship, but I request you to show me the way. In this way, while going to school, Nandu regularly went to the temple and prayed to God. He spent many months doing this. During this time neither God appeared nor the problem went away. Sometimes Nandu gets disappointed that he does not know how to do puja, hence God is not giving darshan. Otherwise, he helps everyone. Still, he did not stop going to the temple and worshiping.

Finally, one day Mother Goddess took pity on that little devotee. One day when Nandu was fast asleep on the bed, he felt a bright light coming from the sky, and the whole room was filled with light. After some time, a little fairy emerged from that light with a stick in her hand, which was exactly the same as she had read in the books.

Nandu could not believe it. He was just looking at her in bewilderment. Then the angel said smilingly – Nandu, I am really standing in front of you. Nandu immediately said- So are you a fairy?

The angel said smilingly – Yes.

how are you there? Nandu’s voice was not coming out amidst the chaos.

The fairy again laughed and said – Nandu! Sent to me by Mother Goddess.

Mother Goddess… Nandu screamed impulsively.

Yes Nandu, tell me what do you want?

Nandu shouted happily and said – If the Mother Goddess has really sent you then please cure my mother.

Pari said- Okay Nandu. Your mother will be fine by tomorrow, but I had come to give you a boon, you did not ask for anything for yourself.

Nandu said- If my mother is fine then she will take care of the entire family. Mother has the first authority over children. So I asked for my mother.

The fairy said happily – Nandu, you are very good. You can ask for one more boon from me.

On this Nandu said – Angel, give me such a boon that I can grow up and walk on the good path. The fairy, being happy, gave a ring to Nandu and said, whatever you wish by wearing it will be fulfilled, but the day you use this ring for wrong work, its power will be lost. One more thing, do not mention this ring to anyone, otherwise, it will disappear. Saying this the angel left from there.

When Nandu woke up in the morning, he saw that the ring was still on his finger. He saw that the mother had completely recovered and was doing household chores. He wanted to tell everything to his mother, but then he remembered Pari’s words and became silent. Now his family started living happily due to his hard work.

Lesson from the story: A person should never be greedy. Nothing is impossible for people who believe in karma.


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