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The First Story Of Throne Battisi


After the throne was cleaned, King Bhoj was eager to sit on the throne on the very first day. On the first day, when King Bhoj tried to sit on the throne, the first pupil Ratnamanjari appeared from the throne. The first pupil, Ratnamanjari, introduced herself to the king and said that this throne belonged to Vikramaditya and only a person as virtuous and intelligent as him was worthy of sitting on it. If you don’t believe it, then listen to this story of King Vikramaditya and decide whether you have such qualities or not. After saying this, the first pupil Ratnamanjari started narrating the story to Raja Bhoj.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Ambavati. The king Dharamsen there had married four women of four castes. The first woman was a Brahmin, the second was a Kshatriya, the third was a Vaishya and the fourth was a Shudra. The name of the son born to a Brahmin woman was Brahmaneet. He had three sons from Kshatrani, whose names were Shankha, Vikramaditya, and Bhartrihari.

The name of the son born to a Vaishya wife was Chandra and the name of the son of a Shudrani was Dhanvatari. When all the boys grew up, Brahmini’s son was made Diwan by the king. But, he could not handle his responsibilities properly and he left the state. For some time he wandered in many places and then he reached a kingdom named Dharanagari and got a good position there. But, one day he killed the king there and became the king himself.

After some time he decided to come to Ujjain, but he died as soon as he reached Ujjain. After that, Kshatrani’s elder son Shankha felt that his father could make Vikram the king of the kingdom. In such a situation, he attacked his sleeping father killed him, and declared himself the king. All the brothers came to know about Shankha’s conspiracy and they all started moving here and there. Shankha took the help of astrologers and asked them to find out about his brothers with the help of astrology.

Astrologers said that except Vikram, all his brothers had become victims of wild animals. Vikram has now become very knowledgeable and will become a great emperor in the future. Hearing this, Shankha became very worried and planned to kill Vikram. Shankha’s ministers find Vikram and inform Shankha. Shankha along with a Tantrik plans to kill Vikram. He asked the Tantrik to tell Vikram about the worship of Kali and asked him to worship Kali with his head bowed. As soon as Vikram bends his neck, he will cut his neck.

The Tantrik went to Vikram and asked Vikram to bow his head in the worship of Kali as per the instructions of the conch. The conch was also hidden there. Vikram had sensed danger. He asked the Tantrik to tell him the method of bowing the head and as soon as the Tantrik bowed, Shankha, thinking him to be Vikram, cut his neck. Meanwhile, Vikramaditya took the sword from Shankha’s hand cut his neck, and took revenge for his father’s murder.

Then Vikramaditya became king and started taking full care of his kingdom and people. He started cheering everywhere. One day King Vikramaditya went to the forest for hunting. After going into that forest, King Vikramaditya could not see any way out. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on a beautiful palace. He reached that palace riding on his horse.

That palace belonged to King Bahubal. As soon as King Vikram reached there, the Diwan there told King Vikramaditya that he would become a very famous king. But, for that, King Bahubal will have to coronate him. He also said that King Bahubal is very generous and as soon as Vikramaditya gets a chance, he should ask for the gold-studded throne from the king. This gold-studded throne was gifted by Lord Shankar to the king. He can make King Vikramaditya the emperor from the throne.

King Bahubal welcomed Vikramaditya and gave him the coronation. During this time, Vikramaditya demanded the throne, and King Bahubal, considering Vikramaditya his rightful owner, gave the throne to him without any hesitation. After staying in Bahubal’s palace for a few days, King Vikramaditya returned to his kingdom with the throne. The news of the throne spread far and wide. Everyone was congratulating King Vikramaditya.

After telling this, Putli Ratnamanjari said Raja Bhoj, if you have done such a thing, then you can sit on this throne. After saying this the first pupil Ratnamanjari flew away. Hearing this, King Bhoj postponed the decision to sit on the throne that day and thought that he would come the next day and sit on the throne.

Lesson from the story – The lesson learned from this story is that one should never be greedy and should never think badly about others. Nothing good ever happens to those who wish bad for others.


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